These photos represent “our style” which is consistent in everything we do.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market Pomona February 23-24

Open Warehouse
By Appointment
Saturday, January 19, 1:00 – 4:00

“There’s something special about things that have lived with and been loved by, someone else.
Each piece has a history and a story to tell.”

We find style in junk that would otherwise be lost or forgotten.

I have been a junker since college. Heading to swap meets, flea markets and antique stores on weekends with college roommates. I have always had the knack for spotting the potential in rusty, dusty and musty…the far-from-perfect reclaimed pieces which speak to my heart. Give me the battered wood, chippy paint and dinged metal any day. If I’d have it in my home then you’ll find it in our warehouse or the vintage markets we set up at throughout California and Arizona.

My husband Chris and I retired and downsized more than 7 years ago from a large home in Northern California. Chris went out and bought a used U Haul truck to move our more junkier pieces down to Long Beach and that’s when my hobby turned into a full fledged business. We now have 1200 square feet of warehouse space in Long Beach and travel from Scottsdale to Santa Cruz to sell our well curated wares.

Chris and I hunt down hidden gems year round…including our favorite buying trip to Texas twice a year. We aren’t afraid to schlep through mucky fields and dig through cob webs and other unmentionables. It is our joy to find something special that has been lived with and loved someone else. Each piece we choose for you has a history and a story to tell.

Linda Bradford
Junk Style design

Reclaimed  –  Repurposed  –  Reloved